Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One-second hand calibration, more accurate hand orientation tracking (v0.9.27)

We're delivering the fastest (and most robust) hand calibration routine yet in this version. It takes about one second to calibrate your hands now, and we have calibration-mode on by default. This is especially useful when many people are cycling through using the system -- e.g. doctors in an operating room or users of a public kiosk.

The hand orientation tracking is also significantly more accurate than before. We've fixed some bugs that were causing the hands to flip along the arm axis occasionally.

Finally, the HandTrackingServer on Windows behaves more intelligently. It no longer stomps on top of another running instance of HandTrackingServer or launches multiple copies of DebugViewer.

Every version, we try to push the accuracy of the hand-tracking a bit more. We have empirically found that the new scale calibration and hand orientation improvements are making a big difference, and we hope you'll enjoy trying out these updates too! Check it out at http://threegear.com/download.html