Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Easier, More Accurate Camera Calibration

We've had a few weeks to react to feedback and have released six updates since our October 3rd launch.  Most of these updates have been bug fixes, but we wanted to bring your attention to the latest update (v0.9.13), which makes camera calibration both easier and more accurate.

We realize camera calibration was a significant pain point for you.  As a result, we've rewritten it to consist of just two easy steps:

  1. Adjust the cameras so that the checkerboard is centered in each image.
  2. Wave your arms around.

Here's a thirty-second video showing the new calibration:

The best part of this new calibration process is that it's also quite a bit more accurate than before. We urge you to give it a shot! Download the latest version (v0.9.13) from our Download page.

Thanks again for trying out our SDK! We'll keep you posted with more updates!

A complete list of changes follows

v0.9.13: October 30th, 2012

* Added --force-hand option to hand tracking server (see handdriver.bat --help)
* Fixed bug for setting num-threads in hand tracking server
* Fixed synchronization issue leading to crashing of hand calibration (shape and pose)
* Including CHANGELOG.txt in distribution

v0.9.12: October 29th, 2012

* Significantly easier and more accurate camera calibration
** You'll need to overwrite the contents of your data directory with the zip file
** We recommend re-calibrating your camera by running camerasetup.bat again
** You can rescan your hand calibration as follows.
* Changed database format in anticipation of support for single camera. Run:
** handcalibration.bat sample

v0.9.11: October 22nd, 2012

* Fixed issues with European locales that use "," instead of "." for decimals.
* Better documentation and error reporting for Kinect driver issues.

v0.9.10: October 11th, 2012

* Fixed bug associated with freezes in hand shape calibration and pose calibration
(due to zero length scans). * Detecting mistaken use of Microsoft Kinect SDK with Xbox 360
* Minor updates / fixed typos in the documentation
* Better error messages from the OpenNI and Kinect for Windows drivers

v0.9.9: October 9th, 2012

* Printing version number in camerasetup.bat, cameracalibrationtest.bat and handcalibration.bat
* Upgraded to Kinect for Windows version 1.6
* Minor updates / fixed typos in the documentation

v0.9.8: October 4th, 2012

* Minor correction in documentation
* Fixed bug associated with working in a path with spaces

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