Tuesday, January 22, 2013

VLC Media Player Demo

One of the great things about in-the-air hand gestures is that they're not mutually exclusive from mouse and keyboard input devices. Hand gestures can be a great addition to the desktop experience. Say you're playing music while you work or browse the web, but the next song you have no great affinity for and wish to skip it or the volume is too low and you want to turn it up so you can bounce around in your chair, you could use gestures to adjust the player running in the background. No need to alt-tab and switch context from your current application!

This video demonstrates possible gestural controls for VLC Media Player. It's playing NASA clips, but the controls would work equally well with a music playlist.

Summary of the gestures:

Play/pause - Double pinch
Seeking forward/backward - Pinch and drag to the right/left
Volume up/down - Pinch and rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise
Next/Previous clip - Spread hand flick right/left

This is just one possible gesture set. All the gestures can be operated with either hand, but since we can identify which hand you are using, it is also possible to assign operations to specific hands.

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