Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Single-camera support, Hardware DevKit and more

We've been busy over the last couple of months and are announcing some exciting new features today:
Check out the new Development Kit
  • Single-camera support makes our system more portable and much easier to setup.
  • Our new (Hardware) DevKit is now the preferred way to use our system. It bundles the best sensor (PrimeSense short-range sensor) and the best frame together in a single easy-to-install package. Get yours today!
  • The new Quick-start mode lets you use our system immediately, without going through the longer hand calibration process.
  • The new Dashboard application makes it easy to control existing applications without writing a single line of code by driving the mouse and keyboard.

More details about the v0.9.22 release:

Single-Camera Support

Setting up and calibrating two cameras has been a nightmare for a lot of you. With single-camera mode, you still get robust and accurate tracking, but in a more portable, compact package. Switching to single-camera mode is as easy as flipping a switch in the config file. Add the line,

NumCameras: 1
to your config.yml file. Re-position and re-calibrate your camera (camerasetup.bat / and you're all set. If you're serious about single-camera, you should check out our DevKit which is optimized for that case.

3Gear Development Kit

Our new DevKit has all the hardware and software you need to get started, without all the USB, driver and compatibility issues. Our developer kit puts the best hardware in a single package that's fully tested to play well on both Mac and Windows.

Quick-Start Mode

Quick-start mode is a way to use our system without going through the longer hand calibration process. It's especially useful when there are many users of the same installation or for giving demos. The legacy hand calibration process is still available, but we're transitioning towards the user-friendly quick-start mode, which is suitable for most cases.


The dashboard is a way to control existing applications by driving the mouse and keyboard -- no programming necessary. We support several mappings, including XY, XZ and finger, as well as (experimental) swipe gestures.

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