Monday, June 17, 2013

Performance improvements, bug fixes and much easier installation (v0.9.26)

We've made some big performance improvements and fixed some major installation hurdles in v0.9.26, along with bug fixes and hand tracking improvements. You can (always) grab the latest version at:

The Mac OS X applications are nearly twice as responsive now (50ms improvement in most cases). Games such as CricketDefender, Xylophone and Slingshot in particular also refresh / render faster.

Installation on both Mac and Windows is also significantly easier. Windows has a GUI installer now designed to catch missing requirements and pitfalls. Mac includes libusb and removes the dependency on some unnecessary libraries (OpenCV's highgui) which were causing problems for OS X 10.7 users.

These improvements, combined with the usual bug fixes and hand-tracking quality improvements make upgrading to v0.9.26 well worth it!

Let us know if this helps, and keep us posted about what you would like to see in the next version!

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