Thursday, May 2, 2013

Play Minecraft, Control Google Maps with Gestures; Release v0.9.24

Play Minecraft, Control Google Maps with Gestures; Release v0.9.24

We've been hard at work connecting our technology to real-world existing applications. Now, you can do this too, without any programming, using the included Dashboard application. Here are two 1-minute videos showing off what we mean:

Navigate Reddit, Control Google Maps, three.js demos using gestures

Play Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Portal using gestures.

This isn't just proof-of-concept, it's actual footage of working code. These demos work by controlling the Windows / Mac OS X mouse cursor. It's a quick and dirty way to prototype any interaction you're currently using the mouse for with gestures.

For more information check out our (hardware) DevKit and our technology. It's never been easier to add gestures to your applications.

A full list of the v0.9.24 changes follow:

  • Significant improvements to the Dashboard application
  • Bug fixes to the way we load Kinect/OpenNI/OpenNI2 libraries in both Mac and Windows
  • Debug Viewer now reconnects to HandTrackingServer automatically


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